App Instructions

App Instructions

App Activation

Download our Coldweb App for iOS or Android

After downloading the Coldweb App from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, activate with code CWGF2

App Login

Login with your assigned account code and password that you received on registration. You can retrieve your login details by entering your email address here.

Home Screen

This is your Home Screen. You can access all functions from this page.

Order Card

The order card is pre-loaded with your previously ordered products. Add or subtract products to your basket by entering the quantity in the box or click the -/+ buttons. Click on any product for further product information. You can also press the star to the left of the product description to add as a favourite. Press the favourites star at the top of the list to only show favourites. Please note the items showing a red outlined quantity box are out of stock.


You can adjust items in your basket before submitting your order. If you are happy with the quantities in the basket then click the Checkout button at the bottom of the screen.

Submit Order

Once you have added items to your basket you will move to the submit order page where you can choose your scheduled delivery date. Add special delivery instructions and your own internal order numbers here.

Card Payment

If your account is enabled for debit/credit card payment, click Credit or Debit Card at the bottom of the page to take you to the card entry screen.

Payment (Card orders only)

When your card has been entered and chosen for payment you will see the following screen. Press OK to pre-authorise your card or press cancel to stop the payment process. We only charge your card when the order has been loaded on to the vehicle and the invoice is printed. We cannot charge your card before this time due to stock availability and random weighted items picked at loading time.

Account Details

From the Home Screen you will find the Help & Account Information Screen. The My Account page shows your account details and contact information.


The Statement page from the Help & Account Information screen shows all outstanding transactions and details of your last payment.

Delivery Dates

Future delivery dates are shown depending on the days we deliver to your area.

Barcode Scanner

Directly from you order card, in the top right you will find a barcode icon. Click on this to bring up the barcode scanner app. Scan the items in your stores to find products to reorder instantly.

Items found using the barcode scanner will be displayed as below.

You can click on the Product Specifications button at the bottom of the screen to display full specifications including case/unit size, cooking instructions, nutritional and allergen information provided by our ERUDUS Database.