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We are an independent, family-run foodservice wholesaler that has been proudly serving the North East since 1979.
We stock an extensive range of ambient, frozen, butchery, desserts, beverages, and much more.

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Over 40 years experience

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We stock over 3,000 lines

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Every month, we offer a select range of promotions on staples, trending and seasonal products suitable for all catering applications.

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We serve pubs, restaurants, cafesand coffee shops along with cost-sector schools and health care.

We stock over 3,000 lines across ambient, frozen, butchery, desserts, drinks and non-food products.

Efficient delivery on our Fleets of multi-temperature vehicles. 

Dealing with us is flexible and straightforward. Choose to order from our website, mobile app until 5am, or call telesales up to 10:30 pm. 

We have strong relationships and
preferential pricing with leading suppliers and a highly competitive, quality, own-brand range.